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Whatever the event or wherever the venue, Pipe Dream Events can create custom or rental drapery solutions for a dramatic décor transformation. Unlike other drapery services in the industry, we can do more than mount fabric and hardware. We don't just install drapes - we create customized designs for your event. We have years of experience installing event drapery, and we have also helped our clients' visions come to life for more than two decades.

Whether you need to transform a hotel or personalize a ballroom, add character to a restaurant, or create the perfect backdrop for a stage, we have the innovative vision to help you. If you need to reinvent a parking lot, an open field, or even an aircraft hangar, we have the technical skill and designer's eye to achieve your plan. Our business delivers unique designs for weddings, proms, award shows, and more.

The scope of our services includes:

  • Customization: We can customize your fabrics and drapery to accommodate any event or venue, according to your budget.
  • Material: We provide, deliver, and install hardware and fabric.
  • Design: We team clients with a designer or event planner to plot out the design concept.
  • Safety: We adhere to all fire and safety codes, providing flame certificates for all fabrics.

When you need cost-effective, artistic solutions, you can rely on Pipe Dream Events to produce a luxurious space that exceeds expectations.

20+ Years' Experience in Event Planning

Pipe Dream Events was created to fill a void in the industry, as almost no drapery rental services went beyond installing fabrics. It quickly became evident that to create an event, professionals had to do more than simply put fabrics into place. They had to imagine and carry out an artistic vision. For decades, our Owner and Senior Designer, Elliot Hines, has been trusted to combine technical ability with aesthetic innovation, making our services unique for any location across the country.

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