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Experience the Finest Event Drapery Rental

With more than 20 years of experience , our team of creative experts can create luxurious spaces that will make your event shine. Regardless of your venue, we can provide custom solutions, including the installation and design of drapery and fixtures. With our extensive experience, we are a group of skilled professionals who can offer you innovative solutions to accommodate your venue and budget.

Some of our event décor and drapery services include:

  • Room dividers and exterior barriers
  • Theatrical curtains
  • Photo opportunity backgrounds
  • Canopy treatments
  • Celling swags and treatments
  • Fence or exterior wall treatments
  • Window and doorway treatments
  • And endless customized solutions!

We Don't Just Install – We Create

Ensure that your venue or event is inspired by our unmatched creativity. From restaurant and wedding décor, to prom events and aircraft hangar transformations – we do it all. Our company has revolutionized the staging industry by offering clients unparalleled full-service production support. We understand that your event and venue must achieve greatness. You can be confident in our capabilities and entrust your ideas to us. We will make your entire venue and event dreams a reality. Tell us what you need and we will get it done.

Examples of venues and events that we offer drapery solutions for include:

  • Hotel décor
  • Stage draperies
  • Galleries
  • Warehouse transformations
  • Malls and department stores
  • Parking lots
  • Parks and fields
  • Award show décor

We are proud to provide economical and sleek alternatives to heavy and expensive fabric options. In addition, our team makes sure to coordinate our décor with other aspects of your event. We ensure that technical necessities such as steel trussing, complicated lighting structures, air conditioning, electrical wiring, and sound clusters do not impair the aesthetics of your vision. With our setup, assembly team, and designer staff, your venue drapery bordering and ambiance will be flawless. We will work closely with your event vendor to ensure all elements and timetables are efficiently executed.

Pipe Dream offers quality event and venue solutions!

From bar mitzvahs, to corporate galas and celebrity events, no event is too small or too large for our team. We have handled thousands of gatherings and have a running track record of success. We do not just install drapery, we use our designer's eye and creative vision to transform simple drapery into something amazing.

To bring your dreams to life, contact Pipe Dream and get your estimate today!