Why Choose Us

Why Choose Pipe Dream?

The Right Choice for Event Drapery Rental for Any Location

At Pipe Dream, we know that you need someone who is able to do more than install drapes. Our Founder and Senior Designer, Elliott Hines, has worked in event planning for years, adding sophisticated artistry to drapes and hardware that were simply slapped into place by installers.

Elliott started Pipe Dream so that clients could get something more than plain drape installation. He wanted to turn every event drapery experience into something amazing. We do more than install drapery; our goal is always to create.

To put it in the words of our founder:

"It is my greatest pleasure to create a space for you-something even better than you envisioned-something that makes your special occasion perfect for you."

Impeccable Artistry & Honed Skill

With more than 20 years of industry experience, Pipe Dream can offer unparalleled services to transform your venue and pull off your personal vision for all events. In nearly any location, we can provide the technical ability and designer's eye it takes to reinvent a space. We have created event décor for award shows, weddings, galleries, stages, and so much more. Whatever your goals for the occasion, we can provide the personalized, dramatic backdrop you need.

If you are looking for the best in event drapery rentals, Pipe Dream has created original drapery décor for thousands of events, delivering the highest-quality service at every turn. We have artistic dedication and a proven experience that can be trusted time and again. We are prepared to provide the same inspired talent and skill for you.

To learn more about the elite event drapery décor services we offer, or to get an estimate, do not hesitate to call Pipe Dream today!